Upgrading your Membership account

A Step by Step guide

Step 1: Sign in to your account

Step 2: Logged in page

Step 3: Open your account 

Step 4: This shows your current account access under the type. Click on the green button to upgrade.  

NB: Please make sure that you have completed your address details before continuing.

Step 5: Choose which membership suits your requirements best and click on the relevant “join here” button

Step 6: It will take you to the due payment page details of your chosen membership

Step 7: 

Step 8: Payment page will have this option at the top, showing the items in your cart, 

Below will show the Cart details. Please complete this


Step 9: You will be taken to your order confirmation page where you can:

Or enter another email if payment confirmation needs to be sent to someone other than the email registered to your login, i.e. your finance team at work.


You are now updated to a Core member for Makaton membership. Please take a look at the benefits of being a core member. If you have any questions please email help@makaton.org