Booking a Study Day with a Purchase Order

Step by Step Guide 


Step 1: Navigate to your membership account page.

 Step 2: Click on ‘Book a Study Day’


 Step 3: Choose your session 1 study day from the dates available, click ‘Register Myself’ and then navigate back to book your session 2 date. 

Step 4: Once you have selected your date for session 2, please click ‘Proceed to Checkout’, this will take you to the payment cart.


 Step 5: You can view your shopping cart, if you would like to continue shopping just click the ‘Continue Shopping’ button at the top right. 

Step 6: Under payment details you will see a ‘Pay Later’ option, make sure you check this box. 


Step 7:  If you or your emaployer has credit terms with us you will have the ‘Pay Later’ option avaiable. If you check the ‘Pay Later’ box you will be able to select from a drop down box who you would like to bill. Once you have selected please click ‘Submit order.

Step 8: You will receive an order conformation.


Step 9: You need to navigate back to your member account area

Step 10: You can access your Pro forma invoice through ‘History’ and Pro-forma Invoices. You can download a copy of the invoice for your finance department.

Step 11: Once you have received your Purchase Order document from your finance department you can up load it here. Click on the pencil Icon and add your document and PO number.



Step 12: Once your Purchase Order has been approved you will be able to pull down the final invoice.