How to upload a Resource to the Tutor Share Bank 


Step 1:  Navigate to the Makaton Library form your account area, using the link 'Makaton Library' 

Step 2: Select 'Upload either on the home page or you can 'add assets' within the Tutor share bank 

Home page 


Within Tutor share bank:

Step 3: Please read the Disclaimer to make sure you agree and then you can proceed to wither drag and drop a resource in. Or you can select add files to open up your files area within your device. 

Step 4: Select what type of resource you are uploading and then select ‘Next' to take you through to adding more information to your Resource.

Step 5: Follow the Step by Step guide on the diagram below. Make sure you add a great Tittle and add informative tags to maximise the potential of the resource being searched for. 

Step 6: Select view the asset if you would like to see the resource has uploaded or select ‘Upload more’ to continue adding to support the growth of the Tutor Share Bank. 

Step 7: If you selected ‘View resource’ Select ‘More details’ to view all of the Tags.