Tutor’s guide to completing the ‘Advertise your Workshop’ form


Step 1: Make sure your name is showing at the top.

Step 2: Select your Workshop Type

Step 3: Every Workshop must Indicate if the course is online or face to face. **Even if you select ‘Online’ you will be asked to enter a course/venue postcode – this is so we can try to match people up with local online Tutors.

Step 4: If someone else is delivering the course please state their name here.

Step 5: It is very important that you only use £ and numerical charaters in the text box. Any Additional admin or postage costs MUST by includede in the overall price. 



Step 6: Add in your Start/End dates and times. If you want to add multiple dates for your Workshop click the ‘Add New Record’ link

Step 7: Add the participant capacity of the course

Step 8: You MUST add in a Registration open and Registration Closes date range, this will indicate when and for how long your advert is displayed on the website for. 


Step 9: Make sure you contact name and address are displaying correctly.

Step 10: Add any additional information, avoid re-writing the Workshop overview. DO NOT exceed 500 characters. 

Step 11: Submit the form. This will then be sent to our Makaton Team for approval, this could take up to 3 working days depending on the volume of submissions.