How to download the Joining email for the Evaluation form and the updated slides for the PP for Level 1,2,3


Step 1: Sign into your Tutor account and select the ‘Library. If you haven't activated your account yet please follow the instructions for ‘Tutors How to activate your account’.

Step 2: Select the Tutors folder. 

Step 3: Select ‘Workshop Materials’


Step 4: Within here you can find the joining email and the Power point slides and videos needed to deliver the specific Workshops. Select the joining email. Go to Step 6 to show you how to download the Workshop Power point slides 

Step 5: Select download to save it to your device. Take note of the useful information provided on this page. 

Step 6: Select which Level you would like to open to download

Step 7: Select ‘Slides’

Step 8: Download both Modules to ensure you have the continuity of the logo on your presentation. The new evaluation form slides are within the second module for each Presentation at the end.