In theory you can access the online Makaton training from anywhere in the world, but please bear in mind that British Makaton uses signs drawn from British Sign Language.  When Makaton is used in other countries it needs to be adapted to suit the local culture and dominant spoken and signed languages.  Unless spoken English and British Makaton are the dominant language and alternative/augmentative communication (AAC) method used where you are (eg. in an English-speaking International school community), you might find it counter-productive and confusing for people.   


Sorry to seem quite so negative, but we’d hate for you to spend time and money learning Makaton if there is a more appropriate AAC or sign language for your setting.


If you are comfortable going ahead with British Makaton, please go to ‘Learn Makaton’ and ‘Find Training’ on the Makaton website.   You will need to enter a UK location (eg London) to search for workshops, but you can set the search distance to show everything offered by Tutors in the UK.  When you see a workshop you would like to join, please use the contact details in the listing to get in touch with the organising Tutor direct to book a place and discuss how they will get the resources to you.   At the moment we only have printed versions of the workshop participant’s manuals available so you would need to pay additional postage for this and allow extra time for it to reach you.