How to Add Members to your Group Membership: 


Step 1: Sign in to your Group account and select the Yellow button to go to your profile area.

Step 2: Select your Group name shown in the area below. This will be displayed underneath your name. 


Step 3: Select the ‘Members’ tab and then select ‘Add Group members for (you Group name)’ .

Step 4: Select ‘Add New Record’.

Step 5: Add your new member's contact details. Please note warning issued in the red box below.

Step 6: Select ‘Submit’ to enable the Group member to be added.


Step 7: Select ‘Go to Group Page’ to view whether your member has been successfully added.

Step 8: You will see your application for the member within the ‘All Applications’ section where it will show you if your member has been successfully updated. If successful this may take up to 4 hours to display in the User area above. The new member will be sent a joining email at midnight that evening with instructions on how to join.