An exclusive Makaton Membership for members who join us within our first 7 months of launching our membership. Founder members get additional benefits for free as their offer including the Living and Learning package previously known as the National Curriculum. This applies to both Individual and Group membership options.

Offer available between August 2020 – January 2021 

Founder Membership includes:

  • Core Vocabulary signs, symbols, videos
  • 40 downloads per month per member 
  • MakaChat – access to Ambassadors and Tutors from around the UK to support with advice and support 
  • Living and Learning (also known as National Curriculum) Signs and Symbols
  • Core Resources 
  • *Share vocabulary between members 

As a Founder member, you gain the Living and Learning vocabulary access for the same cost as the Core membership. This offer lasts until 31st January. 

View the wordlists below to show you the content available within both vocabulary sets:

Core Vocabulary Wordlist

Living and Learning Wordlist

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*Only applies to Group membership