Updating your Makaton Friendly Profile in 5 simple steps. 


Step 1: Log into your account. Once you have logged in select your name in the yellow box shown below, this will take you through to your Individual profile area. 


Step 2: Select your Organisations name displayed beneath your own name.   This will take you to your Organisation page.



Step 3: Select the ‘About’ Tab. This will take you to the Organisations profile area. 


Step 4: Select the small edit pencil displayed in the ‘Profile’ area.


Step 5: This will now enable you to edit the page. Please ensure the Description reflects your Organisation to support with giving understanding to the Makaton Users how you support and welcome the Makaton Community. Make sure your website and any other social are also up to date along with contact details so the public can get in touch and find out more about you. Select ‘Save’ once you’re finished.