1. Go to the menu bar and then click on the Makaton Friendly option


2. On the right choose one of the sectors which suit the type of sector you are applying for.


3. This page will give you further information related to your sector and the requirements to achieve the status. Scroll to the bottom of the page as you are ready to apply and you have completed training with your Makaton Tutor.




4. You will be asked to sign in, If you already have a Free account please use your details or create a new free account. Please use a username that doesn’t have a Makaton Membership already attached to it.


5. Enter the name of your Makaton Friendly organisation. Make sure that the spelling is correct as this name will be used on your certificate.

6. Enter your supporting Tutor's name and Tutor ID. This will be a 6 digit number bespoke to your Tutor (with no letters). If you just don’t have your Tutors ID to hand, click save and come back to your application later. If you do not have a supporting Tutor, click no and it will give you the help email to contact us.


7.  The screen will refresh and it will ask which level of Makaton Friendly you are applying for. Your screen will automatically refresh to the next page.


8. You need to add all the details for your organisation and the main contact, this will usually be the applicant.



9. Add a description about your Makaton Friendly organisation best possible. This content will be displayed on the Makaton Friendly Map.


10. Tick all areas that apply to your organisation.


 11.Next you can either save and return to the application at a later date or click on ‘Next page’.


12. Part B of the application is the criteria that the supporting tutor will have asked you about and wanted to have seen that this is happening within the organisation before the application is started. All need Criteria needs to be achieved. Repeat step 11. 



13. Part C of the application. Please tick the sector that you are in


14. Depending on the sector you have selected it will come up with the training criteria required as mentioned on the main website Makaton friendly page. This will have been agreed upon between you and your Tutor.



15. Choose what size of organisation you are. You can choose to be a larger organisation than you are if you require more logins for staff (in this example, it is showing the cost of the bronze level)

16.   Last part of the application – select Submit and it will send it to your supporting Tutor to approve, yippee! 

You can press the previous page to review your application prior to submiting it,

17. Upon submitting your application you will get a confirmation on the screen and an email to the email address you submitted with. Another email will go to your supporting tutor, asking them to review your application. If they approve your application you will be sent a notification to make a payment and to celebrate your achievement. If your application is rejected we will pop you in touch with the Tutor as to where they felt you needed to make improvements. It's really important to discuss and receive training from your supporting Tutor to avoid this situation. All the best!