1. You will receive an email to your Tutor registered email to say that an application is waiting for your approval. Sign in

2. Must be your tutor email account to log in

3. Click on your name on the top bar, to access your account details

4. On the purple information bar, click on MF review forms

5. This will show all the organisations that have requested your support as a Makaton Tutor. Click on the one you wish to review.

6. This will show the details of the organisation and any comments they have left. Then click on view submission, to view their application form.

7. It will open up another window and show you the first page of the application form. Please scroll down through this and view the organisations answers, this page includes what the organisation will have written for their description to show on the Makaton Friendly map.

8. The next page will show you Part B of the application form. Your confirmation of these answers will come from you having “seen” (either physically or virtually) the organisation and what they have in place for using Makaton. Then click the next button to move forward.

9. The last page of the application shows the training level they should have reached. This viewing is for you to confirm that they have attended this level of training, either with yourself or they have provided proof to you of another tutor delivering it, ie you have seen the certificates.


10. You will see that there is only a previous page button at the end of the application, as mentioned this review format opens up another tab, so please click on the other tab at the top of your screen to take you back to your account page



11. You will see that this is back to the first page. At the bottom is a space for any comments to make to support your decision. Then click on the button of the decision you have made for this organisation. If you would like to have a further discussion with the organisation simply navigate away form the page and contact them directly, and come back to the application form once you are ready to approve. The comments are for internal use only. Once you press Accept a congratulations email will be sent to the applicant along with payment confirmation. If you reject the application a email will be sent to the applicant to let them know their application has not been successful and your Tutor will be in touch to support further. This should only be done in extreme cases and ideally you want to have guided and supported the organisation to be a successful applicant.


12. Your decision has been submitted and an email will be sent to the organisation, The Makaton Friendly charity and yourselves as the supporting tutor

13. You can now see that the application has been moved in to the reviewed application section. You can still view the application but the decision cannot be changed.

14. Please complete any other applications, that are within your available to review section. 


15. Thank you for supporting the Makaton Friendly organisations, if you need any support please do not hesitate to contact help@makaton.org