A step by step guide on how to start chatting within MakaChat


Step 1: Login to your Makaton account on makaton.org.

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Step 2: Click on MakaChat 

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Step 3: To post a discussion click on the Discussion button which brings a drop down menu . Then select ‘post a message’. This will take you to Step 4. You can also click on the large discussion button to see what other discussions and questions that have been asked.  Graphical user interface

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Step 4: Choose if you want to start a discussion or Ask a question shown in point  . Type the title of your discussion or question  , add your discussion to where is shows point  . If you have a picture or video you can either drag and drop it into the area or you can use point  which allows you to add an attachment. Simply Post the message when you’re finished 

NOTE: There’s lots of functionality including embedding links and formatting your message so it's up to you as to how technical or non-technical you get. Sometimes it's best to keep it simple?