Step 1: Enter the shop site and browse through the products, once you have found an item you would like to buy, open up the product by clicking on the link (price information is available once up click into a product)

Step 2: If you already have an account you can put your username and password into the log in section. If you need to set up an account, click ‘Add to Cart’ you will need to set up an account to process your order.

Step 3: An alert will display showing that the item has been added to your shopping basket, click ‘Proceed to checkout’

Step 4: You need to set up an account, click ‘Create a new account’


Step 5: Complete the ‘Create an account’ form and check the ‘I’m not a robot’ box. You MUST check the ‘Terms and Conditions box, if you don’t the ‘Save’ button will not display. Click ‘Save’ 

Step 6: Add your shipping and billing address by clicking ‘Choose another address’ 

Step 7: Select ‘Add a new Address’

Step 8: You can quickly find your address by using the postcode lookup. Type your postcode into the text box and click ‘Search’. A drop-down will appear with all the addresses in the street, click on your address, this will pre-populate the address information for you. You MUST click what the address is to be used for, please indicate either Mailing, Shipping or Billing. You can select more than one use. 

Step 9: You can add and store multiple addresses. If you want to use the address which is displaying click ‘Use this address’, if you want to add another address, click ‘Add a new address’ 


 Step 10: Once you have registered your addresses these will be stored on the Makaton Hub system and will be available for you to use next time. You only have to set them up once. You must have both Shipping and Billing addresses populated for the order to be processed.