If you are unable to log in to the Makaton website, it may help to delete any existing cookies.

To delete cookies in Google Chrome:

  1. In Chrome, at the top right, click More More and then Settings Settings
  2. Click Privacy and security and then Third-party cookies
  3. Click See all site data and permissions
  4. At the top right, search for makaton.org
  5. To the right of makaton.org, click Delete Remove
  6. To confirm, click Delete

To delete cookies in Microsoft Edge:

  1. In Edge, click on the three dots (...) in the top right corner, and select Settings 
  2. Select Cookies and site permissions 
  3. Under Cookies and data stored, select Manage and delete cookies and site data 
  4. Select See all cookies and site data and search for makaton.org 
  5. Select the down arrow to the right of makaton.org 
  6. Click on the trash can next to makaton.org 

To delete cookies in Safari:

  1. In Safari, select Preferences under the Safari menu
  2. Select the Privacy tab
  3. Select Manage Website Data
  4. Choose makaton.org and select Remove
  5. Select Done

For further information, including how to remove cookies from other browsers, see https://www.lifewire.com/clear-cookies-for-one-site-4587347